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Arizona's Great Mother Nature Harmony

The ‘Elli K Music Works’, a sound ritual composed of Arizona’s natural sounds
and beautiful melodies, balances inner and outer to complete healthy beauty.

  Dirk Sobokta, who won the Grammy Award for Sound 6 times, delicately recorded Arizona's nature as it is,
and the perfection of the melody created by 'Bernie Grundman Studio’,
which was responsible for Michael Jackson's mastering, has been further enhanced.
Through 'Letter From Arizona', which consists of a total of 7 tracks,
you will be able to feel the Mother Nature of Arizona vividly.

  The music containing Arizona energy helps create serotonin, a happiness hormone that heals the mind,
and melatonin, a hormone that stabilizes and relaxes the mind to soothe tired skin and mind.

Camelback Canyon 

The morning when you look at the city that
spreads under your feet,
feeling the breeze hugging your whole body.
At the top of a mountain like a camel's back,
the hummingbird begins to fly.


Travel freely in the vast sky
overlooking the miraculous land Sedona.
For this moment,
this Mother Nature is all mine.

Desert Botanical Garden

The hummingbird rests with being
fascinated by the garden
where time seems to stand still.
As the hummingbird follows butterflies
through the tough Arizona desert plants,
it gets lost in its ecstasy.


Descending through the green forest,
it meets a clear stream that murmurs.
Sometimes it makes footprints
like it dances on the water.

A letter from Arizona

Arizona, so precious, sends you
a song of love in the wind.

Saguaro Lake 

The brilliant sparkle of jewels
spread out on the lake at the red sunset.
A miracle might begin.

Paradise Valley 

In the evening when the lights of the mansion
light up Paradise Valley one by one
The hummingbird slows its wings and
returns to its nest.



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