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Elli K's Time Reverse Mud Cream Mask Featured in Allure.


Elli K

Elli K's Time Reverse Mud Cream Mask
A little extra attention to your daily skincare can lead to dramatic improvements in your skin, akin to the results of a professional facial treatment. Elli K's Mud Cream Mask is a wash-off formula enriched with the goodness of Arizona's mineral-dense mud, enabling you to experience exceptional care at home. Notably, it incorporates Elli K's exclusive ingredient, Vortex Miracle™, which draws inspiration from the resilient life force of Arizona's nature. This ingredient delivers superior skincare benefits, enhancing the skin's barrier, elasticity, and luminosity, while also amplifying the effects of subsequent skincare steps. The mask's creamy mud texture applies smoothly without irritating the skin, ensuring a luxurious experience and leaves the skin feeling silky and looking luminously clear from within.

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