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Green Attitude

Green Attitude

As the Antelope Canyon that hasn't changed over thousands of years

we act for the healthy beauty that is beneficial to people and the environment to create unchanging values.

NO Glue, YES Recyclable

NO Glue, YES Recyclable

We participate in creating sustainable environmental value by using the structure of glue-free
packaging and the recyclable glass materials.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Elli K’s package uses the eco-friendly materials for biodegradation and recycling.

  • Printing with Eco-Friendly Ink

    Printing with Eco-Friendly Ink

    Soyink is an ink created by replacing petroleum compounds in existing ink solvents and has biodegradable characteristic that are harmless to the human body and the environment and easy to decompose naturally.

  • Using SC-certified materials  produced by FSC certified manufacturer

    Using SC-certified materials produced by FSC certified manufacturer

    FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council of the International Forest Management Association, an international NGO established to protect forest resources and promote sustainable forest management.

An In-house developed Spatula

An In-house developed Spatula

Elli K's in-house spatula which is made of a recyclable pyrolysis material offers a soft grip and convenient use.

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